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Facebook Boosting INCLUSION-
✅How to Create a Facebook Page
✅How to Create a Cover Photo
✅How to Make Use of the Page Profile Image
✅How to Choose a Payment Method
✅How to apply private policy
✅How to manage page roles
✅How to Decide on a Campaign Goal
✅How to Choose the Most Effective Call to Action
✅How to Make Use of Auto Response
✅How to Make an Effective Advertisement
✅How to Select a Targeted Audience
✅How to Select a Geo-Target
✅How to use Facebook’s Meta and understanding
✅How to choose a hash tag and keyword
Daraz Seller INCLUSION-
✅How to Create a Daraz Seller Account
✅How to Confirm Your Identity
✅How to upload products
✅How to Set Up Your Store
✅How to Start Selling
✅How to take support from Daraz
✅How to Create a YouTube Channel
✅How to Verify Contact Information
✅How to auth. Two-way verification
✅How to monitize your YouTube channel
✅How to be safe from Strick
✅How to Make a Thumbnail Image
✅How to use the end screen
✅How to use a playlist
✅How to grow your YouTube channel
✅What is YouTube SEO and optimization
✅How to Use Keyword Research and Targeting
✅Understanding of Google AdSense
✅How to pin verification
✅What is the Swift Code
✅How to Add Bank Account Information to Receive Money from YouTube
✅Understanding the Domain Name
✅Understanding of Web Hosting
✅Understanding Cpanel
✅Understanding Databases
✅How to Design Your Website
✅How to Choose a Theme
✅How to Customize Your Website
✅How to use the Coming Soon Design
✅How to publish your website
✅How to receive email from a website
✅Understanding SEO
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