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    User Profiles Made Easy

    User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is a fulfilled featured front-end profile, login or determination plugin because WordPress. It is user-friendly, absolutely Genial and event with someone theme. With it plugin ye be able cease sending you users in conformity with the unpleasant back-end profile, bond yet login pages, and as an alternative commend your customers a seamless front-end trip regarding pages up to expectation match the relaxation over your website.

    UPME takes your profiles after the next level, allowing you in conformity with gender endless custom scheme fields and according to totally customise the tie form. You monitoring as fields are required, which fields users do edit, as fields are private, yet lots more. You do also show you customers into a beautiful, searchable participants directory, yet simply show certain or pair precise customers regarding anybody web page and publish thou want using some regarding the dense blanketed shortcodes. The chances are endless!

    General Features:

    • Elegant, responsive front-end profiles together with limitless customized fields
    • Beautiful front-end Login & Registration forms along shortcodes
    • Compatible with all (properly coded) themes
    • SEO Friendly line permalink options
    • Integration with Yoast search engine marketing because of SEO features.
    • Support for distribution profiles regarding Social networks.
    • Enable/Disable third birthday celebration letter or styles
    • Works routinely with any current usermeta information and usermeta fields from vile plugins
    • Show/promote a precise user and team about customers anywhere with shortcode
    • Fully responsive, adjusts superbly in conformity with some honor size
    • Easy according to use shortcode generator
    • Fully translatable to some speech the use of .po files
    • Import/Export custom fields.
    • Import/Export UPME settings.
    • Export UPME users.
    • Custom moves and filters because of adding more capabilities the usage of other plugins
    • UPME Developer API for retrieving UPME facts because vile plugins then themes
    • New features introduced regularly!
    • Dedicated help forum!
    • Enable/Disable 0.33 birthday celebration monument and styles

    Login and Registration:

    Add/Remove fields according to fixation form via filters.
    Multiple sake varieties together with unique fields using filters.

    1-Click neighborly login then sake including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+
    Force specific person roles on every tie structure through filters.
    Enable user role selection on registration form
    Users may set password when registering
    User Profile Approvals allows admin in conformity with manually okay users before that login
    Compatible with Invitation Codes Addon for enabling tie via dare codes.
    Login together with email or username
    Add/Remove fields in conformity with login form via filters.
    Built-in login shape templates with large spread concerning designs

    Role based login redirection support.
    Multiple social login ikon packs for selection
    Customize login and tie header through filters.
    Custom validations on Login and Registration using filters.
    Password power meter then assist because force password energy level
    Two-Factor authentication with email allows customers in conformity with enhance the safety on login credentials.
    Sidebar Login Widget/Shortcode
    Image importing among registration forms

    Profile Features:

    Awesome outline header designs.

    Display plan photo internal the plan among customized dimensions and design.
    Customize scheme header through filters.
    Create multiple person profiles with specific fields the use of filters.
    Trigger profile area updates or acquaint admin.
    Custom validations concerning sketch updation the use of filters.

    Automatically event together with Gravatar, then users may upload custom outline picturesand avatars
    User-uploaded avatars action in all places about WordPress (comments, bbPress avatars, etc.)
    Standalone profile page, hyperlink after user profiles, and cutting-edge person profile automatically
    Lightbox Avatar Cropping for profile image
    Users may also easily View/Edit theirs profiles
    Private profiles that user do decide in imitation of accomplish plan populace then private
    Ability in accordance with weed profiles afterwards affirmation via user.
    Newest Members Widget
    Link person show names after UPME outline pages yet author archives
    Display profiles based over User Role
    Restrict Viewing over Other User Profiles based totally over consumer role
    Open person profiles in super popup windows
    Cover image for consumer profiles
    Multiple scheme header yet cover photo designs
    Latest individuals widget and shortcode
    Automatic sketch photograph resizing
    Pre-Built Profile Tabs because showing built-in services intestinal resolve tabs interior profile. (Custom tabs requires Premium Addons)

    Search yet Member List:

    Customizable, search-able, paginated Members List
    Search and Filter by using Custom Fields

    Highlight featured members from the rest.
    Display feature listing based totally on Featured Level
    Display member list based on user roles
    Display part list primarily based on custom area value
    Order search result based totally on custom discipline value
    Create more than one ask forms with specific conditions.
    Supports profiles interior lightboxes in part list
    Display random member listing with custom user range.
    Support because searching some textual content into textual content primarily based area types.

    Custom Profile Fields:

    Unlimited customized fields for profiles and/or determination (text, drop-down, radio, checkboxes, etc.)
    Create shortcode fields using filters.
    Create dynamic lists for checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons.
    Restrict allowed file for consideration types because each file for consideration add field.
    Video Field creates Responsive Videos Automatically
    Soundcloud Field enables embedding yet enjoying soundcloud audio
    Support file uploads forany file for consideration type using filters
    Many pre-defined fields ready in imitation of use
    Private fields that only admin users execute advise an edit
    Locked fields that customers may additionally parley however not edit
    HTML fields (embed Videos, Audio, Maps, etc.)
    Optionally allow customers to conceal incomplete then every fields from masses view
    Display specific customized fields via User Role
    Profile help textual content regarding sketch fields
    Enable/Disable customized fields for registration form
    Create required fields.

    Admin Panel:

    Custom fields might also remain added in conformity with profiles, fixation forms, yet both
    Optionally obstruction get entry to after WordPress backend login & profiles, redirect in conformity with front-end UPME versions
    Admin dashboard including outline customizer for growing yet organizing fields.
    Change absence affair because of UPME
    Block backend login, profile yet registration
    Allow ignoble person sketch ediitng functions because of non-admin users.

    Email Module:

    Email module allows custom templates then records through template tags.
    Enable/Disable sending regarding predefined emails.
    Customize registration e mail because of users.
    Customize registration electronic mail because of admins.
    Customize user activation e mail for users.
    Customize user activation e-mail for admins.
    Customize password reset email because users.
    Customize user aegis notification email for users.
    Customize profile subject replace notification email because admins.
    Provides many filters for totally customizing the emails.
    Enable notifications for all administrators of website.
    Customize e mail sender name and email.
    Conditional electronic mail fields thru filters.
    Supports WP Mail SMTP plugin for sending authenticated emails through SMTP.
    Supports HTML in e-mail templates.

    Content Restrictions Module:

    Enhanced Private content shortcode for member-only Immune content
    ? Allow then barrier non-public content material based totally of user roles
    ? Allow then obstacle personal content based on consumer ID?s
    ? Allow yet obstruction non-public content based totally about custom field values
    Private content material module that restricts unique quantity of the web site based totally concerning consumer roles then guests.
    Display non-public content limit messages among predefined design templates.

    Enable custom restrict regulations for private content shortcode.
    Disable entire RSS feed or portion about RSS feed for guests
    Site lockdown module that restricts entire website online for guests.
    Redirect users in accordance with closing visited web page then login.
    Conditional shortcodes because members then non-members.

    Posts/Custom Post Types Features:

    • Display writer posts below the UPME profile.
    • Recommend posts/pages/custom put up types in conformity with sordid users.
    • Display recommend posts/pages/custom publish kinds into sketch tabs.
    • Favorite(Bookmark) posts/pages/custom put up types.
    • Display favorite(bookmarked) posts/pages/custom post kinds in scheme tabs.
    • Reader according to remark posts/pages/custom put up kinds as much read/unread.
    • Display posts/pages/custom put up sorts of line tabs together with study status.
    • Woocommerce Favorite Products list for users.
    • Woocommerce Recommend Products for users.
    • bbPress Favorite Topics list for users.
    • bbPress Recommend Topics for users.


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