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    Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin

    What Are Perks?
    Perks are plugins, powered by using Gravity Perks,
    that Gather instant services because of Gravity Forms.

    GP Nested Forms
    Create types within types because better administration concerning complicated forms. Formception!

    GP Unique ID
    Generate special IDs (i.e. notice numbers, codes, bill numbers, etc.) on lean for your Gravity Form entries.

    GP Conditional Pricing
    Create flexible, subject pricing for you Gravity Form manufacture fields.

    GP Limit Choices
    Limit or many times a choice may additionally be elect because of multi-choice fields (e.g. Radio Buttons, Drop Downs, Checkboxes, etc).

    GP Limit Dates
    Limit which days are selectable for your Gravity Forms Date Picker fields.

    GP Preview Submission
    Add a simple genuflexion preview after permit customers according to confirm theirs submission is right before submitting the form.

    GP Conditional Logic Dates
    Allows Date fields in conformity with stay old within Gravity Forms conditional logic.

    GP Multi-page Navigation
    Navigate within structure pages shortly by means of converting the page steps of page hyperlinks yet developing thine own customized web page links.

    GP eCommerce Fields
    Make Gravity Forms extra eCommerce-friendly including help for Tax, Discounts, then Subtotal fields.

    GP Limit Submissions
    Limit the variety on entries up to expectation perform lie facing via nearly something (e.g. user, role, IP, subject value).

    GP Better User Activation
    Take rule concerning thine Gravity Forms User Activation page.

    GP Media Library
    Automatically income uploaded documents (images, documents, etc.) according to the WordPress Media Library so the shape is submitted.

    GP Post Content Merge Tags
    Adds help because of Gravity Form submerge tags within your publish content.

    GP Live Preview
    Preview thy forms concerning the frontend concerning thine site.

    GP Disable Entry Creation
    Disable entree creation per structure along Gravity Forms.

    GP Price Range
    Specify a minimum/maximum worth because of ?User Defined Price? product fields.

    GP Reload Form
    Reload the shape consonant an AJAX submission. Useful of conditions where thou would like in accordance with allow multiple shape stooping without refreshing the page.

    GP Limit Checkboxes
    Limit what many checkboxes do remain checked.

    GP Terms Of Service
    Add a ?Terms concerning Service? discipline according to you forms.

    GP Word Count
    Limit the quantity of words to that amount do keep filed into a Single Line Text, Paragraph Text then Post Body fields.

    GP Email Users
    Send a quick electronic mail in conformity with every customers whoever hold facing a precise form.

    GP Pay Per Word
    Create products who compute a aggregation based over the range on phrases between a Paragraph regarding Post Body field.

    GP Placeholder
    Add help for HTML5 placeholders in imitation of Gravity Forms.

    GP PayPal One-time Fee
    Add a one-time charge in accordance with the preceding fee on a PayPal Standard subscription.

    GP Expand Textareas
    Tiny textareas among the shape executive execute remain a challenge! Load shape secretary textareas in a modal eyelet hole because easy editing.

    GP Copy Cat
    Allow users in accordance with replica the worth of some subject in conformity with another routinely yet via clicking a checkbox. Is you delivery address the equal as like thine billing? Copy cat!

    GP Auto Login
    Automatically block users within then registration.

    GP Blacklist
    Validate you structure towards you WordPress review blacklist.

    GP Read Only
    Mark thy structure fields namely read-only according to allow customers after see subject information but not alter it.


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